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Services Add-on / Discounts

  • Payment for all services is due in full on the first day of service.
  • An extra $10 holiday charge is applied per home visit on federal holidays.
  • Our house sitting and boarding rates are based on a calendar day, not a 24-hour period or an "overnight". They include all activities for your pet(s).
  • Bookings for boarding and house sitting are subject to a non-refundable deposit of 25%. No booking is confirmed prior to receiving your deposit.
  • K9 customers that receive four or more visits per week receive a discount of $1 per visit if their dog is a rescued animal. Proof of adoption is required.
  • House sitting and boarding are $20 extra per federal holiday.
  • For daily visits with pets other than dogs, we do not accept time-specific calls unless your animal needs medication and two paid visits per day are required. The surcharge per visit is $3.
  • Administration of medications mixed into food or in a pill-pocket is free of charge. All other medications will incur a surcharge, please inquire.  As the cooperation of your pet is crucial, we can not guarantee that it will always be possible to successfully administer his/her medication. Acutely ill pets should be boarded with a vet.
  • On federal holidays an extra $20 holiday charge is  billed for house sitting.
  • Surcharge for homes that are visited more than once daily in your absence:

     Monday through Friday the surcharge is $3 per visit.

    Saturday and Sunday the fee is $5 per visit.

  • The surcharge for visits outside our service hours is $3 Mon through Fri, $5 on weekends.
  • A fuel surcharge applies to the outskirts of Montgomery County.
  • Our fee for each unpaid check is $75.
  • Prices subject to change