Hours / Policies / Payment / Social Media

Our regular business hours are Monday through Friday from 10am to 6pm, Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 4pm. Visits outside this time frame are possible at a surcharge.

Prior to the first visit we will need two sets of keys to all doors we will have to unlock and lock during our visits. Two keys are required so pet sitters are able to fill in for each other. Customers in good standing may have their keys shipped. Please send a suitable self-addressed envelope along with a check for $12 plus return postage to the office. 

Keys will be permanently marked at our discretion. Unused and unclaimed keys may be disposed of at our discretion.  The fee to pick-up and deliver keys is $20.

Full payment must be received before services are rendered.

A deposit is usually required to create reservations, please inquire for details.

You may pay via Zelle® or cash. 

We do not accept checks.

Please send Zelle® payments to montgomerypetsitters@yahoo.com .

When sending a payment via ZELLE®, please note what dates/pets it is for!

In-home care or house sitting requires a deposit of ⅓  to create

 your reservation, the balance is due on / before your departure.

Deposits are specific to one assignment, they are non-refundable. 

Deposits cannot be rolled over or transferred to other assignments!

We are unable to share responsibility for your home and/or animals with third parties.

While protecting our customer's privacy, we reserve the right to take pictures of pets. 

We shall have all rights to these pictures, including but not limited to use on social media. 

The right to use these pictures shall not be terminated due to an end of the business relationship.  

Scheduling is demanding and unfortunately, we cannot provide refunds should you cut your trip short; the same applies to same-day cancellations.

Notwithstanding any terms and conditions set forth in our service agreement, you agree to all our terms and conditions here and on paper by hiring us.

It is our professional policy to solely offer visits on consecutive days without interruption due to potential health- / safety- concerns for your animal.

We are unable to assign a specific pet sitter and a substitute pet sitter can be sent at our discretion.