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Post date: Jun 30, 2015 7:36:30 PM

"Everything was beyond our expectations. " Mark & Lori / Delray Beach

"Stephan and Mary have been looking after our dogs Charlie and Lucy for 8 years now. We are very comfortable with them and they are quite reliable. Over the last few years Mary has been staying at the house with the dogs for the weekend if we needed to leave town. We have never had any problems or issues, always positive experiences. We are grateful to them for their dedication and service. My wife and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for top notch pet sitters."

Ramy R. / Rockville

"I recently had an unexpected surgery causing immobility and could not care for my rambunctious 11 month old dog. They came to my home to discuss alternatives & we decided it best to board the dog for 30 days at their facility. The dog came home much calmer & better trained! I was sent updates & pictures on a regular basis."

JoAnne W. , Brookeville, MD

"We have boarded our dog with Montgomery Pet Sitters on several occasions -- each time has been fantastic. While this review is limited to boarding, we've also used Mo. Pet Sitters to walk our dog -- also fantastic. Well worth it -- I won't board my dog anywhere else again!!

Setting up a date/time was easy to do, just a quick phone call.

Stephan was available when we dropped off our dog (Shepherd). Stephan invited us inside, and we chatted for a few minutes while our dog got settled in and acclimated to her new surroundings.

While we were away, we could "check in" on the webcam and saw that our dog was getting more spoiled w/Stephan than she does at home.

It's important to know that included in the fee are dog walks, individual attention and what most boarding establishments call "play time."

When we picked her up, she was glad to see us, but not overly enthusiastic -- she was having fun and didn't want to be interrupted.

We've boarded our dog at other places before - all were highly recommended, all required an extra fee for walks (usually lasting 5-15 minutes), but every time we picked up our dog, she was desperate to get in the car and go home.

If you're looking for a place to board your dog that's a "Home away from home" where she/he will be well cared for, given lots of attention and time, this is the place."

Cynthia B., Boyds, MD

"Montgomery Pet Sitters stayed at my house for 8 days and walked my two dogs Molly and Harley three times a day.

Bethania was incredibly conscientious and attentive to my two spoiled dogs. She followed what i asked her to do while i was away exactly and checked in with me daily via text to give me comfort that things were going well and the dogs were fine. The dogs clearly loved her and i was so impressed that i have now asked Montgomery Pet Sitters to walk my dogs daily. Bethania not only gave my dogs royal treatment she left my house in better condition than i left it! I was so very impressed. Having someone to watch my two dogs that i trust give me great comfort as i travel a great deal and Molly and Harley are my family."

Jeannie C., Rockville, MD

"Stephan and Chelsea could not have been more caring and professional.

They met with us before we left and made sure they had plenty of quality time with our dog Howard while also assuring that they had all the necessary details established for what we wanted done while we were away for nine days.

Chelsea sent us daily emails with plenty of photos of Howard so we could see that he was well cared for and happy. In fact we could see that Howard was doing all his normal goofy antics with her that he does with us, so we were quite certain that he was doing fine.

Upon our return we found our house to be spotless ... in fact it was cleaner than when we left. All surfaces had been wiped, floors vacuumed and trash removed. While Howard was happy to see us, it was also obvious that he hadn't exactly missed us while we were gone!

We recommend Montgomery Pet Sitters without any hesitation. You definitely get your money's worth with them, and can be confident that everything is in good hands. We're so happy that we've already booked them for another vacation in two months."

Barbara B., Damascus, MD

"Both Stephan and Mary have house-sat for me repeatedly and left the house exactly as they found it. They are responsive to my many requests for having things taken care of my way, including rescuing frogs from my swimming pool! They stay at the house for the majority of the time, no ducking quickly in & out leaving your pets without companionship.

You can trust them absolutely with your house and your most precious belonging...your pet."

Jennifer R., Rockville, MD

"We started using Montgomery Pet Sitters about 2 months ago [ in Jan.2015] to walk our 2 large dogs. I wanted to establish a relationship with a company that would provide walks a few days a week, when we take day trips, and possibly do housesitting w/the dogs and our guinea pigs. They met with us and our animals, explained their services and provided paperwork. Very easy and nice experience - friendly, timely, and professional. We hired them to talk our dogs 3x a week during an established mid-day window. We also hired them to come by 2x a day to care for our 3 guinea pigs while we were gone for a week.

It's been a seamless experience. They took a lot of time to talk w/us about the dogs behavioral history and how we handle them, which is especially important for dogs which is a deaf pit mix. She's a sweetie but can be quirky during walks, becoming anxious because she can't hear what's coming up behind her. We also use sign language w/her, and provided her signs to the walkers. The dogs love Mary (our walker) and we feel very comfortable with her coming & going from our home and her handling of them.

We were also especially pleased with how they cared for our 3 guinea pigs while we were gone. Small animals and exotics can be trickier than cats and dogs, and need very different care and observations to make sure they're doing well. Mary did a great job caring for them, changing their (very big) cage, monitoring one that was having a minor health issue that started the morning that we left, and notifying us of about a potentially important behavior change with another one of our guinea pigs - turns out it was nothing but I was really pleased that she was so attentive to their well-being.

Fantastic company - I'm very pleased we found them and plan to continue to use them as long as we have pets."

Gwynne J., Rockville, MD

"Great! Stephan, Mary and Chelsea have all cared for our dog at one time or another. He is fed and taken for his evening walk. I am confident that he is cared for as if we had delivered the care ourselves. I appreciate the follow up texts letting me know that our dog is fine and has received plenty of attention and a belly rub!"

Kathy P., Burtonsville, MD

"I have used Stephan and Mary for about a year now, to let my rescue dog Sugar out at noontime during workdays. Fantastic. On time, caring, excellent level of communication. They have also dog sat for me over a weekend, again fantastic. Sent me a dog pic every day. Highly recommended!"

Pat S., Rockville, MD

"MoCo Pets have taken care of our pets for several years. We have also used them for housesitting many times. Our dog has epilepsy and requires timely attention and medication to prevent seizures. Mary and Stephan have always been right on time and have never missed an appointment to care for our sweet boy. We never have the slightest hesitation leaving our home and pets in Stephan and Mary's care! It's a great relief, having gone through a number of different efforts in trying to work out travel arrangements."

Christopher M., Rockville, MD

"Kris took care of our house, dog, two cats, bird and fish while we were away for five days.

We returned home to find the animals happy and healthy and the house in better shape than we left it. Kris kept in touch by text message every day, and while we were away she tidied and cleaned, which we didn't expect. We were delighted and will definitely call on Montgomery Pet Sitters again."

Naomi G., Silver Spring, MD

"Mary & Stephan have cared for cat, my (now late) Cocker/Springer mix and my current two Brittany's since 2008. You cannot find more intelligent, devoted, responsible and responsive pet sitters. My daily work schedule changes frequently, and I hate leaving my dogs alone. Mary & Stephan always do their best to try to accommodate my requests for dog walks or visits in the middle of my absences. They provided very attentive and gentle TLC to my Springer as his health declined. Currently, they have met with me and a trainer to work with one of my new dogs, who can be difficult to walk. Both Stephan and Mary have house-sat for me and leave the house exactly as they found it. They are responsive to my many requests for having things taken care of my way, including rescuing frogs from my swimming pool! They stay at the house for the majority of the time, no ducking quickly in & out leaving your pets without companionship.

You can trust them absolutely with your house and your most precious belonging...your pet."

Jennifer R., Rockville, MD

"...and my highest priority was finding a dog walker/sitter for my two large dogs (Irish Wolfhound and Bernese Mt. Dog). Stephan and Mary have been the single best thing about living where I live. They are Incredibly responsible. I do not worry about having them in my home, and I trust my two much-loved dogs to them. Stephan has stayed at my house twice now when I was on trips, and he is exceedingly attentive to them when he does that. He calls me whenever the slightest thing happens during or around a walk. I know he would rush the dogs to a vet if anything happened, and I trust him to know when something is wrong and I trust him to handle any emergency situation (and of course I know he would contact me before or while attending to any issue). Mary is equally responsible and collaborates well with Stephan, who primarily runs the business. Most of my contact has been with Stephan, but Mary has walked the dogs and I have observed her manner with them. She is superb. As one example of Stephan’s care and concern for the dogs that I think went above and beyond was when my Bernese Mt. Dog had surgery. The day before the surgery, he called me to ask if I needed help taking her to the vet. I didn’t need help taking her, but I was glad to accept his offer to help pick her up. He did not ask for payment for his time and effort, but of course I did pay him. I also have to comment that when Bonnie was brought out to us, although she acknowledged me, she immediately went to Stephan with a happy demeanor and wagging tail. I think he improves their quality of life much beyond just giving them a walk, and they both are very attached to him. I know every day when I go to work that they will be safe with him, and I know when I go away on trips that they will be well cared for and the dogs and the house will be safe. I could go on, but I hope that this gives you a sense of how wonderful I think Montgomery Pet Sitters is, and how much Stephan and Mary have contributed to my dogs’ wellbeing and my sense of contentment when they are under their care. If you have more specific questions, I will be glad to give you any information I have. Incidentally, from my research, their rates are quite reasonable—the best that I found, which is amazing since they are the best pet sitters/walkers I have ever had."

Karyl S., Montgomery Village, MD

"We used Stephan and Mary at Montgomery Pet Sitters to watch our older dog for an extended weekend in April. They are friendly, professional, and most importantly - great with our dog! We paid $.. a day for dog and house sitting - our dog was loved and wonderfully cared for! He was walked, fed, medicated and doted on for 4 days (and on our return we found our house exactly as we left it). Our dog has never been so calm to see us return from a trip - a true sign he felt completely comfortable in our absence! Stephan was kind enough to send us a daily text or picture letting us know that all was well at home. We have since used their dog walking services twice - paying $.. for hour long walk and play session at the time of our choosing. They have been fantastic both times. I recommend Montgomery Pet Sitters to anyone with a pet!!!"

Hilary R. ,Gaithersburg, MD

"Amazing! Both Stephan and Mary provide great care for my pets. They also communicate constantly with me and proactively offer ideas and services to make our lives better. My pets are so much happier! They adjust to the needs and personalities of my dogs. I highly recommend them!"

Charlotte M., Gaithersburg, MD

"Pet siting in my home to include care, feeding and walking my large dog. He also tended the house by bringing in the mail and watering the plants.

Stephen is an exceptional pet sitter! He has been extremely trustworthy, responsible and caring for my beloved dog. He is professional and smart in how he conducts himself with both animals and humans."

Stephanie C., North Potomac, MD

"My wife and I highly recommend Montgomery Pet Sitters because of their compassion, flexibility, and professionalism. From our initial meeting with Stephan it was clear that the health and well-being of our dogs were his top priority. My wife and I have schedules that change somewhat frequently. Stephan and his team have proven to be flexible when it comes to these changes. We ask for and receive a text with each visit to let us know how things are at home. We even received a phone call to let us know that we left one of our doors unlocked! That is service above and beyond."

Todd C., Damascus, MD

"Stephan and Mary are wonderful, reliable pet sitters. They have been pet sitting for our 2 dogs for almost a year now. They walk them daily and our "boys" seem to really enjoy their love and attention. They always come through when I need an extra walk or two"

Jennifer P., Clarksburg, MD

"I board my medically-fragile cat, Kit, with them whenever I travel. Gives me peace of mind to know he's happy and well cared for and getting his meds on time, with out a trip to the vet!"

Laura C., Gaithersburg, MD

"I have been using Stephan to care for my 2 cats when I travel for the last 3.5 years, and he has been wonderful. When we had the huge blizzard back in 2010, he weathered the horrible road conditions to come feed, change the liter, and play with them. He is very attentive and responsible. My animals are like my "babies" since I do not have any children and I would not leave them in the care of just anyone. My mind is definitely at ease while I am away because I know they are being well taken care of by him."

Ivonne B., Germantown, MD

"Stephan and Mary have been wonderful with our puppies when we board them at their place. They make it very easy to drop the puppies off and pick them up at a much later time than would normally be aloud (and accommodate us when the traffic is horrible and we have to pick them up the next day.)

The puppies are always excited when we walk up the stairs to their place and come back exhausted (and have been known to sleep for days on end which is a relief after you just come back from a long trip) and they always seem to have taken a ton of walks with their time with them. (Who has ever heard of a dog coming back from boarding looking more toned!?)

Sometimes Squishy requires medicine and it is always easy to change our feeding/medication requests and know that there is much more one on two attention that she will not miss a dosage. Stephan and Mary are also great for going above and beyond on such things as when my husband dropped off the puppies and forgot to take their dog food. Mary stopped by and picked it up so we did not have to run out again.

Very highly recommended!"

Beth I., Gaithersburg, MD

"I can enthusiastically say that our experiences with Stephan and Mary have been incredible. Professional, responsive, caring ... all of those in spades. We truly can't say enough good things about Montgomery Pet Sitters, ... "

Ben C., Montgomery Village, MD

"I unequivocally recommend Stephan to take care of your home and pets when you are away! He has taken care of our dog and house for a week with excellent results. Our dog was comfortable and happy with him and he spent significantly more time at our house than our previous pet sitter. We have experienced his integrity to be outstanding. Not only does he do what he says he will do, but he does it with punctuality, prompt feedback and enthusiasm. He has definitely proven to be trustworthy and reliable with both our beloved dog and our house."

Stephanie C., North Potomac, MD

"Stephan and Montgomery Pet Sitters are ROCK STARS for dog walking and pet sitting.

My pup Parker loves him and so will you. They provide a top notch service you can count on ... no matter what. Stephan and his staff have been taking care of us since Parker was a pup.

It's awesome having Montgomery Pet Sitters as my go to resource when I need help with my pup. It gives me great peace of mind.

Stuck in traffic ... no problem.

Have a last minute meeting ... they can help.

Bad weather conditions ... they will care for your pet in the best possible way.

Need your pet cared for on an ongoing basis for walks, play and hugs ... you can't find a better team than Montgomery Pet Sitters.

Look no further. Stephan Kesseboom and his team will care for your pets like they are their own.

Montgomery Pet Sitters the next best thing to Mom & Dad.

Overall I can't say enough good things about Stephan and his team! They have the keys to my castle and I don't think twice about them coming or going.

My pup Parker gets so excited when he sees him. Dogs don't hide their feelings. He's practically turning flips when Stephan comes over.

My experience is ongoing as I have been a client for four years. I don't plan on that changing.

Simply put ... JUST THE BEST!"

Francesca G. from G.

"If it were possible to rate service as A+++++++++ that is the rating I would give to Montgomery Petsitters. My dogs have never been so happy, and I have never felt so content and confident that they are safe and well cared for on their daily walks. Stephan and Mary leave reports each day following their visit to walk the dogs. I have not used their overnight or boarding services yet, but I will leave my dogs in their care when I travel and know they re getting the best care possible. Stephan and Mary are professional, personable, reliable, knowledgeable, and their rates are very reasonable. I could go on, but I will just say that I recommend them with the greatest enthusiasm. Try them--you will not be disappointed."

I received an immediate email response to my query, followed by a visit to my home at a time convenient for me. The dogs loved Stephan and Mary. I was impressed with their professionalism and their willingness to provide their services in any way that I needed. They began walking my dogs the following day and have been totally reliable and responsible."

Karyl S., Montgomery Village, MD